Semarang Hobby Fest @ Pondok Daun
2013-09-16 Mon 22:09
I was so lazy to attend this event. My mood was suuuuper bad at that time. Didn't even think leaving the house. Mager, mager, and mager. Oh yeah, so far away from my house (about 15km+) and there's no public transportation. I was thinking to take a taxi, but in the end I decided to ride my motorcycle. I know I'm crazy enough for this And thanks to Shirai Panchii for accompanying me *sobs*

okay, you might ask, what was that for? for Pinky Lu Xun! lol
it was Pinky's first time attending a cosplay event in Semarang. And it was my first time meeting her in person. She's suuuuper cute to be honest XD
Hope to meet her again someday.

I went to the venue at about 1PM and arrived at about 1.45PM. Used the chance to touch up my make up before walking around the venue. The cosplay competition was started at 2PM (I don't know exactly since I didn't bring a watch). I barely saw the performance because it was so crowded :| *sigh*
So, that's how it all ended. Plain~


Got a chance taking a photo with Pinky. We wore Hatsune Miku!!!! XD


too bad the photo is blurrrrrrrrrrrrr T_____T
*oh God why....*

I didn't take many pictures, only camwhoring the whole day due to the hot weather, plus my not-so-good mood. But thanks anyway. I'm having fun with my friends.
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