2013-09-19 Thu 21:36
College life has began (again) and I must buy several new books.

It's been a week I searched for an English dictionary in every book store around my city but I found none :( I was searching for Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary. Yeah, true. So difficult to find because it always sold out within a minute, or maybe I just being unlucky? Ah, I don't know.

I was thinking of ordering the dictionary online, but then the book store manager suggest me to order the dictionary via their store. Oh nice, I'm pretty lucky, I guess lol. And the book arrived 2 days after that (there's a CD included inside the book). Oh thanks God~

ofd (1) ofd (2)

Oh, right! When I went to the book store, I saw some interesting novels there. I admit I don't like novel that much, but the cover of the novels were beautifuuuuul *slapped*. I want to buy them someday, yeah, someday.... lol
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