Why Do You Hate Someone That Much?
2013-09-07 Sat 20:42
Hatred, I know everyone had ever been hated someone at least for once in his lifetime. BUT what I don't understand is why people give out everything to hate them? I mean, he won't get anything by hating. You will only get your heart aching BECAUSE OF YOUR OWN SELFISHNESS.

It's not like I hadn't ever hated someone, but for me hatred is something you should avoid. Especially if you hate someone ONLY because a tiny problem. Anyway, hatred only brings you negative energy.

Actually, that's really okay if you hate someone, but please, don't ever bring it to public. Just keep it for yourself because IT'S YOUR OWN PROBLEM. If you could keep up with that, then feel free to hate!

I'm really annoyed with people who always talking about someone's bad issues although it's not really my concern. I think it's not appropriate and they have no right to spread those things. Let's say, they hate X and often talk about X behind X's back in a bad way, but in front of X, they act like fans or friends or whatsoever you called that things. What an irony, really. I feel pity for both who hate and being hated.

What I want to see is WHAT IF YOU SHOW YOUR HATRED IN FRONT OF X DIRECTLY RATHER THAN TALKING BEHIND X's BACK? Isn't that better? So you don't have to pretend liking X. Plus, you're being honest with yourself.

Or, why not talk to X directly and say "I HATE YOU SO MUCH SINCE A LONG AGO because bla bla bla bla until now! And stop being so bla bla bla!" rather than posting chaining status on facebook every single minute.

"You speak as if you are the wisest person on earth."

If you say so, then YES I AM! I am wise for myself, so you don't have to worry about me.

"Do you know, you got someone who hate you as well."

Oh really? I don't mind if people hate me. At least, prove me that they are better than me. Just don't talk big.

Do you know, the more you hate someone, consciously or not, you're making yourself his number one fan because you constrain yourself to know more and more things about him, especially his bad side.

Let me tell you something. I am a human, I also feel hatred. What makes me different is if I hate someone then I stop talking about him. I stop knowing about him. I stop care about him. I stop making things related to him. I make myself forget about him and start everything over. That's why my hatred will sooner or later fade away and I don't need to remember that hatred. FYI, I'm not talking about lover or something.

My principle is:


What about mentally? I don't really mind about that.
I'm not caring people I don't like :P
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