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2013-08-16 Fri 14:03
This kind of questions has been popular in facebook lately, so I decided to make mine. ehehheh~~ because I am bored =_=

1. Your First cosplay : Maria Kurenai from Vampire Knight

2. Your most recent cosplay : Murasakibara Atsushi from Kuroko no Basuke

3. Your next cosplay : GUMI pokerface, project original 'anu', then that still-in-progress vocaloid 'anu'

4. Cosplay you're most excited with : Dead Master this was the first time i learned how to make props using craft foam.

5. The best cosplayer you know :
Mei Wai. she's the goddess ;////;

6. Cosplay of yours that you love : all of them. but for now, i love my Dead Master the most.

7. Cosplay of yours that you hate : Rei Ayanami. i was so 'cupu' back then, i didn't know how to wear make up properly, moreover my Rei wig styling was super fail orz. (hope to remake this soon)

8. Dream cosplay : Yuna, Diao Chan, and moooore~~

9. Favorite thing about cosplay : the moment you become your favorite character :')

10. Least favorite things about cosplay : spend too much money! i'm broke!

11. Cosplay pet hate : eh? none, i guess.

12. Your favorite wig : Hatsune Miku. my first and longest imported wig.

13. Your favorite costume: Gumi pokerface ---> very comfortable to wear lol

14. Buy or make :
both since i'm not a fairy who can make everything on my own.

15. Cons or meets :

16. Do you prefer big costume or simple but effective ones : both~

17. Next convention/ event : idk... ahaha maybe on August 25 or next month.

18. Dream convention/ event : CLAS:H, AFA, WCS, Comiket *v*/

19. Favorite cosplay moment : when costest-ing to get the best look for the character i'm cosplaying, and when taking photos with my friends

20. People you want to do this : everyone who sees this post ;)
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