Dream Cosplay
2013-08-24 Sat 20:03
Just like the title said, this post will talk about the dream cosplay I am really wish for. Well, my dream cosplay is not a complicated character. Kinda simple, I'd rather say, But the main reason I haven't realised her is because I'm not confident enough cosplaying her. I don't want to ruin her image since she's my ultimate bias of my favorite video game ^^;

I usually don't reveal my cosplan, but for this one.. I hope after I post this blog, you would also wish me to realise this character.

Anyway, could you guess who is she?
The anwer is . . . . . . .



Yeah, so the answer is Yuna. I love her so much. She's a type of "strong girl" inside, you know, and super kind. So graceful :'D

I wish I will cosplaying her someday... yeah, someday..
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