Sudden Opinion About Friend Reqs
2013-07-14 Sun 15:00
I've been thinking about this, you know, about friend requests on facebook. To tell the truth, I don't really want people to randomly add me, so I made my facebook private. I also a person who is picky in accepting friend requests, but then some people might think that I'm too arrogant or something.


Now I'm trying my best to accept friend request from people who have many mutual friends with me or if he/she is a cosplayer. I won't bother accepting people who don't have the same interest with me. You got my point?

Unfortunately, seems like people who got accepted were still random added me. They didn't even say hi or else to me. Here I feel like "why the heck you add me if you don't even want to be friends with me? just to keep your friend list full? or just sekedar punya aja biar beken?". Paradox it is.

I'm not even famous, guys please.... So there won't be any benefit from being friends with me ;;;;

But don't worry, I still keep my word. I will introduce myself if I add someone.
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