2013-06-29 Sat 22:29
I am bored now~ ahahaha #slaps

A few weeks ago, I did a casual couple photoshoot. Well, yeah, I've posted a photo in Worldcos and Cure. It's "a photo" because I'm too lazy to edit them www~ Luckily, my partner is a hardworker (?) and she uploaded some photos to FB

Actually, I'm not really taking BTS photos from a shoot, but the photographer just snaps snaps snaps and ta-daaaah I got some gaje photos

RR2_BTS (1)
fixing the wig~ I don't know~ the wig was annoying
but it gave great look *v*/

another gajes~ www

RR2_BTS (2)
I was ready for posing, but then look at that hand www
then we retook the photo~

Now that I think about it, BTS photos give us nice memories where every crazy things happen and we still get the best result from the shoot. I'm trying to take more BTS photos (+ videos if possible :P). Well, see ya again!
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