2013-06-26 Wed 22:08
I ran out of foundation. Gotta buy a new one soon, or I won't be able to costest-ing or cosplay-ing. I also have to buy contact lenses, liquid liner with a sharp brush, fake upper and bottom lashes.
As for the lashes, I want to buy a thick one. Why? Oh well, I mostly use thick upper lashes for my make up, because it gives more dramatic effect. You still look cute even though your lashes are thick :P

Oh, I just remembered a thing! Instagram lastest update enable us to post videos. I haven't tried it, just yet. I'm not into video actually, but I'll try someday ^^;


Ah, anyway, the album has arrived. Haha ^^
Those are my friend's albums. I didn't buy A.S album this time.

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