Semarang Toys Fair
2013-04-01 Mon 16:47
the first Toys Fair held in Semarang was a success ^^
I only attend the 2nd and 3rd day. but still, I am happy

on the 2nd day, I wore Maria Kurenai. it's my first costume

stf (1)
it's suntiie-chan behind me LOL

this is my third year cosplaying (i guess...), and I know there are many changes inside me, mostly in make-up. yeah, after I saw my old cosplay photos when the first time I cosplayed Maria, I think my make up skill is leveling-up
I keep practicing until now

and for the 3rd day, I was crossdressing~ ahahaha~
what do you think?

stf (2)

stf (3)

stf (4)

actually, I took many photos on STF but I am too lazy to upload it. haha
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