Thank You For Everything
2013-01-05 Sat 10:21
I'm getting old, again. *sigh*
I wish I could stop aging at 17. Haha... But it is impossible. Look how old am I now. ^^;

In this year's birthday, there was no surprise from my bestfriends just like last year. I also didn't receive many birthday presents, but thanks God, this year, I know that my friends love me so much. I am grateful, really.

I rarely give a friend some presents in their birthday. You know, my family doesn't really celebrate birthdays, because we thought that birthday is a day where your lifetime decreases. But, some friends gave me meaningful presents. They sang my favorite song, recorded it, and send it to me. They said it was for me. A friend also draw something for me. And as for Suntiie-chan, she gave me a cat doll. She knew I love cats ♥
These kind of presents touched me more than the other goods ♥

In the past, I used to think that someday your friends will leave you, one by one. I know they will, and I can't stop them because every people has their own life. But now, I begin to realize that whenever it will happen, I doesn't matter as long as you believe in them, believe that they will never forget you, and always remember the days when we were together. So if one day my friends leave me, I believe, WE ARE STILL BEST FRIENDS.

I know there are people who don't really like me, my presence and all about me. But there are mooooooore people who love me. That's why, I will try to be a better person than yesterday. So, thank you my best friends, thank you my Lord.
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