I Have No Problem by Often Cosplaying The Same Chara
2012-12-24 Mon 21:25
This thing suddenly came up to my mind. I wonder if some of you thinking like this towards me:

"What's with you? You cosplaying the same chara for months. Don't you have any other charas to cosplay?"


"I am bored to see you posted so many pictures of the same chara in a row"


"I've met you for X times at some events and you are cosplaying the same chara, always."

or any other comments and critiques.

Well, so far there is no one who asked me this kind of questions directly. But if you think the same as those reactions above, then this is my answer:

It's not like I don't have any cosplay projects or something like that. I have plenty, and it takes time to finish. The fact is, once I fall in love with a chara, I will try my best to be the same as him/her visually. In this case, I often do costest(s) in my room and take many pictures to monitor my progress. The next step is to post some photos to any social media, so I will get feedbacks from people.

If the visual requirement is fulfilled, then I will try to feel the characteristic of the charas. This will help me a lot in a cosplay event, so I will play my chara's role well.

Maybe it will end up I cosplay the same chara for a year, but it works for me. So far, Hatsune Miku and Takanashi Yomi (Dead master) are the charas I often cosplay. And maybe it looks like I am creating my image of myself with those charas, but it is not. The image will come to you by itself. Additionally, you (might) get the charisma of the chara. hehe~

Well, I think that's all. I don't know where those thinking came from ^^;
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