Midnight Self-Talking
2012-11-19 Mon 23:11
It's a kind of culture shock between the place I grown up with the place I am living in now. Not only the culture, but also the people. Yeah, from what I see and feel, both are very different.

Honestly, I resisted to change at the beginning. As time goes by, I began to open myself, but then everything is ruined again. It's began when I was starting to love this city and after I met some wonderful best friends. I was enjoying my new life. However, one day I went to the wrong path and became like this.

A perfect choice not to believe someone easily? Wait, it's not "someone", it's "stranger" .

I realized, the older we became, the more trouble we had. Is it jealousy? I'm not sure. I mean, which part of me that make people jealous? Okay, jealous, NO. *strikes*

I won't blame anyone who dragged me into 'that' world. The world here, is not the world that you might think, the dark world, NO. "That world" is the side/rival of my Japanese culture hobby. "That world" is the world where every girls screaming watching their idols. You must have known it. Haha... But, you know, it's funny, I can see many people's vision and personality, because the people in J-side and "that" side have different vision on something.

I won't give up! It is not a major trouble in my life. I won't living like that forever, you know. People always change. So do I.

Do you know that there is a time when the moon and the flower reach its most-beautiful-phase? I will show you later.

And thanks God for giving me the light so I can see everything before my eyes.
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