2012-11-20 Tue 07:11
Someone said that I looked beautiful only when I am cosplaying, in daily life, I was just like ordinary people. A friend told me this thing last night. I won't mention the name.

So my response was.... Okay.
To be honest, I am not mad or something like that. You know, I realize it, it is true. I am not beautiful, yes. I looked different when I am cosplaying, yes. Many friends said so. Haha.. But you forgot one thing: what is my reason in cosplaying?

I love art. I love beautiful things. Before I began cosplaying, I barely kept attention to my look. I was like "what's the point of those make up when you have inner beauty?". The more I grow up, the more I understand about beauty and make up was made to add those beauty in ourselves.

Women are created as beautiful beings and no one can deny it. Every woman is beautiful physically. When you don't have enough confidence, then try to put some make up. Make up just like a magic that changes everything ^^

Anyway, I am not cosplaying to show off my face or something. I cosplay because I love the character, I love the beauty of the character. And if it is an original character, I want to show my style and my aura.

So what, haters gonna hate ;)
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