HelloFest9 Plan
2012-11-07 Wed 07:49
I'm planning to go to Jakarta for HelloFest9 nest year. Is it possible? I hope so. I really want to cosplay and meet some friends in Jakarta. All I need to do is save some money to buy merchandise, book a hotel, transportation, and for eating! lol~ oh yeah, parent's agreement also ^^v

What costume will I wear? Well... I don't know. Haha... I'm making an original couple-costume right now. But I'm not sure to wear that costume in HF since many people said that the event was so crowded and hot.

Oh, and I'm interested in watching JKT48 Theater too. Maybe I'll watch the theater when I'm in Jakarta for HelloFest9, together with some friends (of course if I get the ticket too, since the ticket is chosen randomly).

But I can't promise anything right now. I'm afraid I will break the promise. Because, you know, there is always a negative and sudden possibility happen. So let's see if I really could go to HF9
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