2012-10-21 Sun 23:04
Coming home from J-5OUL~~~
Today was fun! Well, it was not that fun actually. To tell the truth, I wasn't really enjoy the event itself. I didn't see the cosplay, dance, and band performance at all! And the worst part is I don't have my own single photo! Okay, no self-camera for today

Too bad, yes. Also, the weather was sooooooooo HOT! I got sweats the whole day. That's why I came back and forth to the dressing room for enyoying the air conditioner LOL~ But because of this, I didn't meet many of my friends there. We only did random stupid things hahaha.

Oh today I wore two costumes, one is a random-girl-in-black, and the other one is ANGRY BIRDS! Yay~! ^^ This Angry Birds project was planned a month ago and it finished neatly. Thanks to our rushed-method LOL. I am the Black Bird, Reyra is the Red Bird, and Earl Yumi is the Blue Bird. Photos taken from my mobile phone and some friend's-tag on facebook. (thanks guys ^^v)

Here are some saved photos.


jsoul5 (1)
with Earl Yumi and Anung

jsoul5 (2)
with Reyra

jsoul5 (3)
with Rin-chan

jsoul5 (4)
with Reyca-chan

jsoul5 (5)
with some friends ^^


We have planned a photoshoot for this Angry Birds. I will post it later on my web page. ^^
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