[2012.06.24] JIKAN~Encore
2012-06-25 Mon 17:02
I went to an cosplay event in Auditorium RRI Semarang (Indonesia). since I didn't make any new costume, so I just mixed and matched some casual clothes and mini skirt.
the event started at 03.00PM and ended at about 00.30AM.
it was tiring but I felt happy too ^^

here's the photo~

jikan (1) jikan (3)

I was wearing a 100cm lenght wig, but it looked like a short wig.
I tied it on my back. haha....

the girl next to me is Reyra-chan ^^

jikan (4)
jikan (2) jikan (5)

and the black one is Earl Yumi-chan ^^

jikan (6)
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