Blood Type "O"
2011-09-04 Sun 12:27
I share this article because I'm also type O. www
these facts 95% fits my personality :))

  1. O type are like the water element, they're deep and emotional.
  2. O types like to watch thriller / ghosts movies.
  3. even though O type seems to be so carefree about everything, inside they're a really responsible person.
  4. O types hate rejection the most, so when they like someone they wouldn't tell that person, afraid of rejection
  5. B and O type loves sleeping. They try to sleep whenever they can. If they fail to sleep for a fair hour per day, they'd get moody.
  6. O types are usually cute personality wise ♥
  7. IF an O hates you their hate is like poison: it will tear you bit by bit, eat you up slowly, making you feel the pain and torture.
  8. Sometimes O likes going out alone, because it's easier to go alone sometimes then with a bunch of friends.
  9. O type are talkative, but when they stop talking they'd be thinking / fantasizing about one thing or another
  10. When an O type is stressed, they will relieve their stress but listening to music, playing games, or just blabber it all out
  11. Once an O type realized they aren't in the mood to finish up their work, they'll just leave it there until that mood comes back
  12. O type likes to look back at the past, once they do, they'll either smile or cry.
  13. O type loves their family more than anything else, they just aren't sure how to express it out.
  14. AB and O type has extremely short attention span
  15. When O type is alone, they'd like to look in the mirror and make weird faces.
  16. Type O has a lot of knowledge when it comes to studying, they're just too lazy to apply it and make use of it
  17. O type will never really say anything sweet to anyone whether its boyfriend, family, or friends. Its just too much for them.
  18. when group O talks with someone they're close with they'll touch, hit, or smack the person they're talking to.
  19. sometimes O type are soo lazy that they're even lazy to think, so when they have to make a decision they'd tell their friends 'up to you'
  20. type O are very conscious of their image. THE IMAGE THE WORLD SEES THEM AS. every single strand of hair should be perfect.
  21. type O has high level of tolerance, but remember, tolerance has its limits.
  22. When making a decision, O type would be able to make a solid final decision. It'll go back and forth back and forth.
  23. type O likes making plans, but in the end they fail to follow it
  24. Once a type O has money, they'd spend it right away.
  25. O type likes taking care of their health, but they love eating as much.
  26. type O arent very good at lying, but they're rather good at pretending.
  27. type O when walking likes to bump into objects.. whether its a pole or a door or just glass windows.
  28. type O remembers all the different things people do to them, you hurt them once, they hurt you back ten times harder.

source: @whattypeareyou
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