10 Confession for Heenim ♥
2011-08-31 Wed 23:19

사랑해요 김희철 우유빛깔 김희철


today is September 1st, 2011. the time for Heenim to go
he will go to the military for 2 years starting from today.
last Sunday (110828) in SBS Inkigayo, Leeteuk of Suju had cried because Heenim will soon leave Suju


seeing him crying, I couldn't stand, but I was still able to resist my tears to fall.
so in the midnight I posted 10 confession via twitter about my true feelings and some message as an EverLastingFriends to KIM HEECHUL
from @reiiru04 to @Heedictator

1. I didn't feel anything yesterday. but today, the day when you're going to the military, I feels very sad & don't want to lose U.
2. please be fine and healthy in the military~ come back as the usual Heenim. I LOVE U
3. Eteuk will soon go to the military too. I'm going too miss you both
4. are you happy? as long as you happy, I'm happy too
5. honestly, at first sight I don't really like U, you're kinda annoying. as time goes by, I begin to like U more & now being ur fan
6. your 4D personality is interesting, really. please don't change ><
7. "why you have to follow other people while being yourself is better?" - the thing I realized from your personality
8. do you love ELFs? because ELFs LOVE YOU SO MUCH! and we will wait for you
9. I'm kinda jealous if there are many girls around U. but I realized, soon you're gonna married. so please marry a good girl
10. oh well.. my tears are about to fall now, in the midnight, seriously. what should I do? when Eteuk cried, I had said I won't cry but I'm not sure about my words yesterday
11. I can't stand seeing you go to the military, so how come I see my forever bias, eteuk, to go after your departure

those are my 10 (or 11) confession for Heenim and now allow me to cry, won't you?
thank you for everything

사랑해요 김희철 우유빛깔 김희철


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