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2014-02-23 Sun 15:00
February blog post is decreasing so bad. omg it's not like i don't have time to write one.. it's just.... i'm too lazy ahahahaha /slapped. really, my holiday is almost end. the class will be started on early March. need to prepare everything. heeey, i don't even spend my holiday elsewhere except home! :<

oh well.. many things happened recently. gotta delay my photosession (again) due to some reasons and some of my team were not in a good health condition. don't mind it because i'm going to post new photos sooner or later. ^^

anyhoo... I've done things also.

see? I literally done something! haha. it's a spoiler. you can guess which character i will be cosplaying ^^ either a male or female, just guess. however, from my point of view, the wig looks so handsome i don't know when i will wear this wig. i'm waiting for a time.

and i also working on my shoes.
it was my favorite high heels *sobs* i'm going to find a new favorite heels! stitching the holes was pain in the hands (literally). can't finish them on one day only because my haaaaand is hurt so much. i felt it numb orz this is my first time making the shoes. I hope it will turn out into something good. amen.

lastly, say hello to my minion friends *v*/

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