2014 Resolution, Maybe?
2014-01-24 Fri 12:08
I remember I didn't write any thing related to new year's resolution in my previous post about new year's greeting. Such a forgetful person. And now it's also suuuuper late to talk about resolution lol

Well, it's not like I will write my resolution in this post... I'm going to write some random opinions instead. Idk if these kind of opinion can be considered as resolution or not.

In 2014, I really want to be a better person than I used to be. I want to change my bad habits to a good one. I know this sounds cliche but even though it is hard, I still have to try it. It's not bad to try, right? ^^

I want to fulfill my postponed cosplay projects last year. I'm so sorry since I often make unplanned cosplay than the one I had listed before. Human minds are very easy to change, including me =_= I have to be more focused from now on. Finish one project, and move to another. Nice!

I also want to maintain my college GPA. C'mon guys, real life is also important and I can't just leave it behind. haha XD

Lastly, I wish for health and happiness for me and for everyone around me. May God bless us always! ^^
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