Alice Madness
2014-01-19 Sun 11:45
It's January 19! Near the end of the month!
Time surely flies so fast. I haven't even done any special thing *sigh*

Anyhoo~ finally I wear ALICE MADNESS RETURNS costume! yay! All thanks to Nacha Nana who made such a beautiful and amazing costume! ^^
She made the Mad Hatter version. Well.. to tell the truth... The costume is torturing me! *slaps* you see, it's full of bondage belt thingy. It caused me to breath hardly lol

Costume & props by Nacha Nana
Hair-styling by Reiiru
Make up by Nacha Nana
Boots by Reyra

She also made the hat, but I didn't wear it in the photo above. She might make another version of Alice Liddell. I can't wait!

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