Happy Mother's Day!
2013-12-22 Sun 23:17
I heard that in western countries (and some eastern too) celebrate Father's Day, am I right? Well, in Indonesia we don't have any special day dedicated to our dads. But.... hey let's see, we have Mother's Day here! lol

Is there any other country that celebrates Mother's Day although it may be in different date?

So... Indonesians celebrate Mother's Day every December 22. We may celebrate it in various ways such as dinner, giving present or flowers to our mothers, even taking care of the house for a day. haha. This really happen, guys, depends on your plan.

I don't really know the reason of no Father's Day here. But by thinking rationally, well, I guess...... since Indonesian are always taught to respect their mothers more than fathers, then yeah, it may be one of the reasons. I don't say that we don't respect our father. It's just... mother's role is bigger by taking care of the children. She also gave us birth, remember? So mothers deserved to get appreciation.

That's just my point anyway. Well, whatever the reason, every single person must love their mother!
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