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2013-11-13 Wed 20:37
The first event in November. To be honest, I don't understand why they chose winter concept and named it "Shiroyuki" while Japan is still in autumn. Besides, Indonesia is a tropical country and we don't have such four seasons. lol
Nah, forget it~

At first, I intended to come to the event only because I wanted to watch Reyra's peformance. Then, another thoughts are coming, such as hoping to find a nice spot for a photoshoot and attending Shingeki no Kyojin Day. However in the end I came with full preparation. hahaha.... I envied those people who joined SnK day wearing full set of the troops costumes. While I was there, standing, watching, and still envying them because I didn't have any SnK gear at all *sobs*. I wish I will get the leather scout legion jacket soon although I don't know which character I will cosplay as.

SnK Day winners wll get a Cosplay Gen magazine. You know, the newest one where Reika is on the cover. *sigh*
well.. well.. Let's stop here~

oren13 (1)
do I look sooooo old here? orz

That day, it was the first time Reyra and I wore our original project "Yin & Yang". Actually our costumes have been finished since months ago, but we don't have the time for a photoshoot, so we decided to wear them there. Nice~ costest-ing on D-1 was super absurd lol. Fortunately we did the make up very well ^^

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Also the event was suuuuppeeeeeerrrr crowded. I barely moved an inch because the people were coming endlessly to take photo with me under the super hot sun light. I dehydrated as well omg~

oh, my feeling came true! Reyra won first place for karakon contest! Thanks to her sweet voice singing "Utakata Hanabi" by Supercell hahaha congrats! I will post the video later.

I also took a lot of pictures with some friends. Mostly selca hahahaha

This is the end of the report~ See you next event!
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