enjoying my life
2013-10-19 Sat 19:26
as the tittle said, i'm enjoying my life.

well, one of the reasons is because i got a kitten :D
yeah, it's not cheap to take care a kitten. i wonder how's my friends are doing since they have so many cats (more than 5). just... wow! they must be having a hard time everyday O_O

to tell the truth, a cat can really boost up your mood. i have experienced it. ahahaha... usually i go home from campus with that tired look on my face or even in a bad mood. after i get home, i become a happy person since i saw my little kitten

anyhoo.... it's been a long time i haven't cosplaying. i don't even touch my make up lol. too lazy to put on make up on my face~

there's a cosplay competition held on Oct 26. the 1st place winner will get 1 million IDR, however i'm not interested of joining any competition right now. i don't want to be chased by costume's deadline, so i think for this year i'll stay as visitor only ^^
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