Please Don't Spam?
2010-09-11 Sat 20:49
Tonight, I was wandering around deviantART to check my inbox. I was surprised to know that many people love my artworks and favorited them. Then I decided to say thanks to everyone who favorited my new artwork.

It was okay. Everyone whom I thanked to were happy and replied my comments friendly.
But it was NOT OKAY until someone replied to my comment and said "Please don't spam!".
She also flagged my comment as spam.

Just . . . What the hell she was thinking!? I was just spread my grateful to her. At least, if she don't want it, she could just HIDE my comment and let it be. I am happy to receive feedback from everyone without exception. But please, could you distinguish which is spam and which is not? I'm not spammer. I think she needs to know it!

Okay, I am so sorry to spam your comments box. And I am not sorry to write this post! Keep that in mind!

PS: I am sorry guys, I lose my temper and share my wrath here. I just want everyone to understand what is the meaning of my grateful...
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