Semarang Hobby Fest 2014
2014-01-15 Wed 11:44
The first cosplay event that I attended in the beginning of year 2014. I wasn't intended to come actually, since I had been busy working on my college assigments, but then some friends asked me to come together and cosplaying at the event (I didn't join the competition). Another thing that made me uneasy about going to that event was.... it was held in the evening until night, and IT IS RAINY SEASON! OMG really, January's rainfall in my city is very bad especially when the day comes to dusk. Well yeah, I admit I was trapped by rain on the way home lol

Okay, so, I only attend the 2nd and 3rd day. I didn't take a lot of photos, only took some selcas. The booths inside the venue were full of hobby attractions, such as tamiya, gunpla, figure, even reptiles. Yeah, I mean it, reptiles! lol idk what was their intention tbh.

I wasn't very pleased with the event. It's just so-so. You know, even though it was held indoor, but it was very hot inside the venue. I hope they will fix this on the next event.

On the 2nd day, I didn't wear any costume, just wandering around as usual visitor, observing the cosplayers, meeting some friends, etc etc... aaand finally the cosplay judges came! Pinky Lu Xun, and Indonesia representatives of WCS 2013: Zainal Naru and Echow Eko! ^^
able to take selca with Pinky (again) lol


On the 3rd day, I cosplayed as Vocaloid GUMI Pokerface. This is the most convenient costume that I have so far lol~ the cosplay performance was also great. Congrats to the winners! and I also took photos with the judges ^^v

C360_2014-01-12-14-25-03-732_org.jpg C360_2014-01-12-14-40-10-259.jpg

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Orenji ~shiroyuki matsuri~
2013-11-13 Wed 20:37
The first event in November. To be honest, I don't understand why they chose winter concept and named it "Shiroyuki" while Japan is still in autumn. Besides, Indonesia is a tropical country and we don't have such four seasons. lol
Nah, forget it~

At first, I intended to come to the event only because I wanted to watch Reyra's peformance. Then, another thoughts are coming, such as hoping to find a nice spot for a photoshoot and attending Shingeki no Kyojin Day. However in the end I came with full preparation. hahaha.... I envied those people who joined SnK day wearing full set of the troops costumes. While I was there, standing, watching, and still envying them because I didn't have any SnK gear at all *sobs*. I wish I will get the leather scout legion jacket soon although I don't know which character I will cosplay as.

SnK Day winners wll get a Cosplay Gen magazine. You know, the newest one where Reika is on the cover. *sigh*
well.. well.. Let's stop here~

oren13 (1)
do I look sooooo old here? orz

That day, it was the first time Reyra and I wore our original project "Yin & Yang". Actually our costumes have been finished since months ago, but we don't have the time for a photoshoot, so we decided to wear them there. Nice~ costest-ing on D-1 was super absurd lol. Fortunately we did the make up very well ^^

oren13 (2)

Also the event was suuuuppeeeeeerrrr crowded. I barely moved an inch because the people were coming endlessly to take photo with me under the super hot sun light. I dehydrated as well omg~

oh, my feeling came true! Reyra won first place for karakon contest! Thanks to her sweet voice singing "Utakata Hanabi" by Supercell hahaha congrats! I will post the video later.

I also took a lot of pictures with some friends. Mostly selca hahahaha

This is the end of the report~ See you next event!
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Semarang Hobby Fest @ Pondok Daun
2013-09-16 Mon 22:09
I was so lazy to attend this event. My mood was suuuuper bad at that time. Didn't even think leaving the house. Mager, mager, and mager. Oh yeah, so far away from my house (about 15km+) and there's no public transportation. I was thinking to take a taxi, but in the end I decided to ride my motorcycle. I know I'm crazy enough for this And thanks to Shirai Panchii for accompanying me *sobs*

okay, you might ask, what was that for? for Pinky Lu Xun! lol
it was Pinky's first time attending a cosplay event in Semarang. And it was my first time meeting her in person. She's suuuuper cute to be honest XD
Hope to meet her again someday.

I went to the venue at about 1PM and arrived at about 1.45PM. Used the chance to touch up my make up before walking around the venue. The cosplay competition was started at 2PM (I don't know exactly since I didn't bring a watch). I barely saw the performance because it was so crowded :| *sigh*
So, that's how it all ended. Plain~


Got a chance taking a photo with Pinky. We wore Hatsune Miku!!!! XD


too bad the photo is blurrrrrrrrrrrrr T_____T
*oh God why....*

I didn't take many pictures, only camwhoring the whole day due to the hot weather, plus my not-so-good mood. But thanks anyway. I'm having fun with my friends.
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2013-08-03 Sat 20:12
so, here's the result:
1st place - Team Italy
2nd place - Team USA
3rd place - Team Thailand

congrats to the winner! ^^
as for the photos and other information, you may just check on WCS official facebook and twitter.

Indonesia didn't win this time, but I'm proud of Team Indonesia :D
thank you for gave us a very great performance! *round of applause*
have a safe flight back to Indonesia ^^
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