Semarang Hobby Fest 2014
2014-01-15 Wed 11:44
The first cosplay event that I attended in the beginning of year 2014. I wasn't intended to come actually, since I had been busy working on my college assigments, but then some friends asked me to come together and cosplaying at the event (I didn't join the competition). Another thing that made me uneasy about going to that event was.... it was held in the evening until night, and IT IS RAINY SEASON! OMG really, January's rainfall in my city is very bad especially when the day comes to dusk. Well yeah, I admit I was trapped by rain on the way home lol

Okay, so, I only attend the 2nd and 3rd day. I didn't take a lot of photos, only took some selcas. The booths inside the venue were full of hobby attractions, such as tamiya, gunpla, figure, even reptiles. Yeah, I mean it, reptiles! lol idk what was their intention tbh.

I wasn't very pleased with the event. It's just so-so. You know, even though it was held indoor, but it was very hot inside the venue. I hope they will fix this on the next event.

On the 2nd day, I didn't wear any costume, just wandering around as usual visitor, observing the cosplayers, meeting some friends, etc etc... aaand finally the cosplay judges came! Pinky Lu Xun, and Indonesia representatives of WCS 2013: Zainal Naru and Echow Eko! ^^
able to take selca with Pinky (again) lol


On the 3rd day, I cosplayed as Vocaloid GUMI Pokerface. This is the most convenient costume that I have so far lol~ the cosplay performance was also great. Congrats to the winners! and I also took photos with the judges ^^v

C360_2014-01-12-14-25-03-732_org.jpg C360_2014-01-12-14-40-10-259.jpg

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Gwiyomi :3
2013-11-30 Sat 08:48

photo by Jessico
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2013-11-23 Sat 19:12

MIKU: ReiiRu

Photo by Deni Arifin
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Yomi & Mato
2013-11-19 Tue 19:33

YOMI: ReiiRu
MATO: Reyra

Photo by Deni Arifin
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