Shirai Panchii Gwiyomi
2013-12-10 Tue 22:49
meccha kawaii 10000%

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Utakata Hanabi (Supercell) by Reyra
2013-11-26 Tue 18:59
I promised I will post the video of Reyra's performance in the previous post, right?
now, here it is. please watch ^^

again, she won first place for the karaoke contest.

this video is a request from my friends. hahaha they wanted to see Reyra's performance.
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2013-10-10 Thu 08:11
welcoming the new family member. name is Athena.
she's very healthy and active XD

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Kahi is Back!
2013-10-08 Tue 20:09
A few more days to KAHI comeback!
it's this thursday! yeay~! XD

the song is quite fun to hear. can't wait!
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