It's Me (Kahi) cover by ReiiRu
2013-12-05 Thu 19:10
another song cover~~~
this time I sing Kahi's It's Me. Please listen~ :D

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There Is A Garden In Her Face
2013-10-24 Thu 20:17
Nowadays I became so interested in poetry. To tell the truth, I don't really like poetry since it's hard to understand. However, since I read two books (which are about 1500+ pages each) about English poetry, I began to like it. The poetry that I like is the one from the old literature, I mean before year 2000. The recent poetry has lost its beautiful rhymes and diction I think. Well, idk but certainly I love the middle ages poetry! :D
So, here is a poetry by Thomas Campion. This is a beautiful poem from him. Please read. ^^


There is a Garden in her face,
Where Roses and white Lillies grow ;
A heau'nly paradice is that place,
Wherein all pleasant fruits doe flow.
There Cherries grow, which none may buy
Till Cherry ripe themselues doe cry.

Those Cherries fayrely doe enclose
Of Orient Pearle a double row ;
Which when her louely laughter showes,
They look like Rose-buds fill'd with snow.
Yet them nor Peere nor Prince can buy,
Till Cherry ripe themselues doe cry.

Her Eyes like Angels watch them still ;
Her Browes like bended bowes doe stand,
Threatning with piercing frownes to kill
All that attempt with eye or hand
Those sacred Cherries to come nigh,
Till Cherry ripe themselues doe cry.

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A Few Thoughts About HelloVenus Yoo Ara
2013-07-29 Mon 00:20

FYI, I am Pledis-stan, supporter of Pledis Entertainment which is the agency of Son Dambi, After School, Hello Venus, and NU'EST. At first, I became Pledis-stan because of AfterSchool. But then I realized that Pledis id more than just After School. Their other artists are 100% talented and tall (and beautiful/handsome/cute/etc you call that ).

I see Hello Venus as A.S little sister with cute concept. BUT guys, really, they have MORE than just cute faces. I am a big fan of Lime (Hye Lim) because I thought she's the most talented in HV, but I was wrong. Every HV member has her own charms

This time I'm going to spoil some thoughts about Yoo Ara, the leader of HV. Well, you see, Ara has that innocent look that you couldn't even resist if she asked you something *wut* true.... My gosh, she's a goddess!

people might think she resemble Yoona/Jessica/Krystal of SMEnt. Let people think as they please eheheheh~

She has that innocent look
oh right, she was Pre-School Girl, supposed to debut with A.S but Pledis decided to make HV and she joined with them. You might want to take a look at below video, Yoo Ara sang A.S "First Love" with Raina :)

Nice? Of course! Damn Yoo Ara made my day :') Her angelic voice is surely a bliss!
idk why, but Yoo Ara's voice sounds like Jjung's in a softer manner because Jjung's voice is heavier and husky.

Just like what I wrote above, Yoo Ara has the talent to be A.S member but she became HV's leader instead so that her talent won't go in waste. Why? Let's think about it. If she joined A.S and became the magnae, then she would get less spotlight than she got now. She need more time to be known by the fans. This time Pledis make a good decision.

I'd like to see more of Ara's personality. Who knows if deep inside, she's a gagman (just like Jupal ww). So, reality show might help a bit ;)
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D-1 AFTERSCHOOL Teaser (ft.Eyoung)
2013-06-12 Wed 11:45

OMG Eyoung!
just like what i predicted before, it's her turn to "shine" now.
she composed a song for AFTERSCHOOL 6th maxi-single. I know this day will actually happen hahaha~ yeah, she's such a jewel for AS
let's just watch their performance in M!Countdown tomorrow

watch her teaser below:

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