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2014-02-23 Sun 15:00
February blog post is decreasing so bad. omg it's not like i don't have time to write one.. it's just.... i'm too lazy ahahahaha /slapped. really, my holiday is almost end. the class will be started on early March. need to prepare everything. heeey, i don't even spend my holiday elsewhere except home! :<

oh well.. many things happened recently. gotta delay my photosession (again) due to some reasons and some of my team were not in a good health condition. don't mind it because i'm going to post new photos sooner or later. ^^

anyhoo... I've done things also.

see? I literally done something! haha. it's a spoiler. you can guess which character i will be cosplaying ^^ either a male or female, just guess. however, from my point of view, the wig looks so handsome i don't know when i will wear this wig. i'm waiting for a time.

and i also working on my shoes.
it was my favorite high heels *sobs* i'm going to find a new favorite heels! stitching the holes was pain in the hands (literally). can't finish them on one day only because my haaaaand is hurt so much. i felt it numb orz this is my first time making the shoes. I hope it will turn out into something good. amen.

lastly, say hello to my minion friends *v*/

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Valentine? No
2014-02-14 Fri 15:30
I don't celebrate valentine thou.... but what I like about valentine is A LOT OF CHOCOLATES yay! haha...
gonna buy some chocolate for myself later. nomnomnom~

Anyhoo, here's a message from Athena~


"Do-don't ever think I will give you chocolate, b-baka!" ////

awww~ tsundere Athena is tsundere wwwwwww


Oh also, last night there was a volcano erruption of Mount Kelud. Ashes averywhere, please take care of yourself >__<
I hope the people who live near the mountain will be okay. God bless us always!
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What Is Your Family Crest?
2014-02-07 Fri 21:04
oh well, I saw someone posted about this in facebook and I am interested to try. You must have known the crest (symbol) of, for example, Nobunaga family. There's a website to generate your family crest HERE.

The website is in Japanese, so if you don't know what is the meaning, you can use google translator (although it's not always correct lol).

I tried to enter my real name and date of birth, aaaaaand the result is:


I don't know what is the meaning of this symbol, but I SAW CATS! *v*
I love cats so much! XD is this a fate? (no! wwwww)

Now, it's your turn to try ^^
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2014 Resolution, Maybe?
2014-01-24 Fri 12:08
I remember I didn't write any thing related to new year's resolution in my previous post about new year's greeting. Such a forgetful person. And now it's also suuuuper late to talk about resolution lol

Well, it's not like I will write my resolution in this post... I'm going to write some random opinions instead. Idk if these kind of opinion can be considered as resolution or not.

In 2014, I really want to be a better person than I used to be. I want to change my bad habits to a good one. I know this sounds cliche but even though it is hard, I still have to try it. It's not bad to try, right? ^^

I want to fulfill my postponed cosplay projects last year. I'm so sorry since I often make unplanned cosplay than the one I had listed before. Human minds are very easy to change, including me =_= I have to be more focused from now on. Finish one project, and move to another. Nice!

I also want to maintain my college GPA. C'mon guys, real life is also important and I can't just leave it behind. haha XD

Lastly, I wish for health and happiness for me and for everyone around me. May God bless us always! ^^
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